Chris & Monika's Gorgeous Spring Wedding

With a date set for the middle of May, the weather can be a toss up in the Okanagan. Fortunately for the beautiful wedding couple, the weather was nothing except spectacular. The small and intimate ceremony was held in the incredible Gellatly Nut Farm in West Kelowna. Many laughs and tears were shared as Chris & Monika said the two magic words. I do. The reception followed at Quail's Gate winery. The setting Okanagan sun cast a golden hue on the wedding party as it set during their dinner on the open patio.

Nat & Dan's Sunny Winter Engagement Session

Although as a wedding photographer, the summer season is the most popular time for weddings, it doesn't mean winter is a time to kick up my heels and relax. Nat, Dan and I headed to Bertram Creek Park for some engagement shots before their wedding this year. We were very lucky to be able to bask in the amazing winter sun that turned the freezing grips of a fantastic winterscape into a glorious warm winter day. Not to mention Duke the pup was absolutely adorable!

Kyle & Emma's Moody Autumn Engagement

Kyle & Emma made the journey from Vancouver to capture some of the amazing locations Kelowna has to offer in the Autumn season. Even with the risk of getting rained out, we decided to stick with our original location of Knox mountain. The connection I was fortunate enough to capture is incredibly genuine and I believe these photographs capture this bond. Just as the light was fading, I switched to by trusted workhouse portrait lens and captured the amazing bokeh from the Kelowna City lights.

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Wade & Diandra's Beautiful Bottega Wedding

I was fortunate enough to have the honour of capturing this couple's amazing wedding. Wade & Diandra's wedding at the Bottega Gardens was astonishing. A beautiful Kelowna day complemented the beautiful couple which complemented the beautiful wedding venue. We scurried away to a vineyard overlooking the Okanagan and captured Wade's first look at Dee's incredible wedding dress. Afterwards, the renowned Kelowna weather illuminated the ceremony held outdoors in the Bottega Gardens. I am very happy to have had the chance to shoot this wedding alongside Joel Jaszczyszak of Joelsview Photography. 

Jay & Laura's Rainy-Day-Turned-Sunny Wedding

Jay nervously looked out the window as the groomsmen were getting ready. It was sprinkling rain and the sky looked turbulent but it wasn't dampening anyones spirits. Jay & Laura have been together for 6 years, and July 8, 2016 is the day they tied the knot. A beautiful ceremony was held at the Manteo Resort, Kelowna prefaced by a few minutes of torrential downpour. The sun broke through for some stunning portraits overlooking Okanagan Lake from some of the amazing vineyards around Kelowna. Best wishes to this amazing couple! Very fortunate to be shooting for the amazing Christopher Stewart of CSPhotographers.

Parm & Justine's Surprise Engagement

"The time just feels right" Parm explained to me as we scouted the location to surprise his girlfriend with his marriage proposal. Parm and Justine have been together 6 years and are both studying to become medical professionals. I was entrusted to capture Justine's reaction during what she expected to be a casual couple's photoshoot and gee whiz, she was ecstatic.

Motovida Meetup

An awesome event hosted by Motovida in Kelowna, BC. Amazing events come together when they are created by amazing people. Coffee was provided by Kootenay Coffee Company just down the street, and drinks were available just next door from BNA Brewing Company!

Chillin' out and talking bikes.

Chillin' out and talking bikes.

The meet up was a colourful circus of different types of people and motorcycles, all sharing the same passion of life on two wheels. From supersports, to brats, cafe racers and Harleys, you can see it all. 

Inspecting the goods

Inspecting the goods

All images © 2014-2016 Nikita Taylor.


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35mm Film and a Camera from the '80s

It was late last year when my dad brought out his Nikon FE he had purchased while living in Japan. It is a camera widely regarded as one of the most reliable and quality film cameras Nikon has produced. The metal body has a feel of solidity in your hand and the viewfinder makes any shot look like an award winning photo. 

BNA Brewing Co, Kelowna BC. Nikon FE, 50mm F1.4, Fuji 400

BNA Brewing Co, Kelowna BC. Nikon FE, 50mm F1.4, Fuji 400

I quickly loaded up some film. I chose Fuji 400 since it was cheap and widely available with a beautiful colour grading. As you can see above, the vivid colours are straight from the camera without the need for editing programs like VSCO presets for Lightroom.

The Paramount Theatre, Kelowna, BC. Nikon FE, 50mm F1.4, Fuji 400

The Paramount Theatre, Kelowna, BC. Nikon FE, 50mm F1.4, Fuji 400

The photographs taken on film have an intrinsic quality to them that is not captured when shooting digital. The imperfections of things such as grain only contribute to the overall collection of elements that make film special. 

Nikita on Robson St. Vancouver, BC. Nikon FE, 135mm F3.5, Fuji 400. Shot by Cole McClelland.

Nikita on Robson St. Vancouver, BC. Nikon FE, 135mm F3.5, Fuji 400. Shot by Cole McClelland.

On a personal level, I know that when looking back on moments, I love the tangible and visceral feelings elicited when handling an analog object like a film print. It offers a deeper connection than a digital image could ever create

All images above were scanned, with no digital retouching. Let us know in the comments what your favourite film stock is, or your favourite 35mm camera!

All images © 2014-2016 Nikita Taylor. 

5 Reasons a Wedding Photographer is Better Than Your Friend and a New DSLR

Time and time again, people ask why wedding photographers charge such high prices, and ask whether that money should be spent on a friend and a new DSLR. I am not here today to tell you why that is a bad idea, but here to tell you why hiring a professional photographer is a better one.


1) Experience. This is the number one defining factor between a wedding photographer and an inexperienced friend. We know what moments to look for, when to expect a person’s expression or how to quickly anticipate change in the lighting when transitioning between environments. This means no blurry, out of focus photos, with poor composition.


2) Professionalism. Your wedding day is not something a professional wedding photographer takes lightly. You won’t see us slamming shots with uncle Greg or talking to the bridesmaid. Instead, we are there to capture your special day to the best of our technical ability. We come prepared with backup equipment, knowledge of the venue, possibly from scouting before the ceremony, as well as a refined system of shooting, editing and delivering your photos.


3) Editing. When comparing the cost of simply buying a camera for a friend to use, consider the associated cost of editing programs that accompany it. Seldom do photos look “finished” straight out of the camera. That is why professional wedding photographers spend hundreds, into the thousands of dollars a year to be able to ensure your photos look the best they possibly can.


4) Equipment. Many wedding photographers have amassed a stockpile of high-end optics over years of working in the industry. This means they have the right tool for the job and rather than compromising by using a kit lens, incapable of shooting nicely in low light situations, are able to pull out their fast f1.2 portrait lens and snap that moment before it fades to memory. This includes point 3 as well. We spend money on editing programs to be able to efficiently sort your images, edit, and deliver your photos in the most timely manner possible.


5) Family.  Rather than asking a friend or family member to stand behind the lens all day, and be excluded for any photos, we make sure nobody is left out. Everyone should spend this important day together, without worrying about not being in any of the pictures.