Nikita Shoots & Associates

About us


Nikita Taylor

I think wedding photography should be raw with no frills. The photos should speak for themselves and I hope mine speak to you. I first picked up a camera to take photos of friends while rock climbing and since then it has grown into a huge part of my life. I’m the main point of contact at Nikita Shoots and always quick to pick up the phone. You can always tempt me with a fresh Margherita pizza or a microwave popcorn.

Kevin Kuemper

I taught myself photography during my travels through Vietnam where I was also an English school teacher. Since adventure has been such an integral part of my education in photography, I always look at ways I can get off the beaten path and shoot photos from different views. I have a bit of a trigger-happy shutter finger so I tend to swap in new memory cards pretty often. Nikita and I have been friends for years. When we are shooting a wedding, we can pretty much read each others minds and time some stellar shots. When I’m not shooting photos, you can find me doing gardening, BBQing a dozen chicken breasts at a time or contemplating becoming a travelling wedding photographer out of a VW van.



About You

We love photographing couples that share the same spontaneous energy to get up and enjoy life’s adventure. Photographs are more than just a keepsake, they are an embodiment of a moment, whether it is laughter, tears or nirvana. You are connected with your partner in a way that you can communicate with nothing more than a simple smile and laugh together through the ups and downs.